Canteen Update

  • After much discussion, it has been decided that we will move away from running a traditional canteen as we have in the past and instead focus on providing various nutritional lunches throughout the month.  Back Home Restaurant has graciously offered to provide one meal a month, and we as a school staff have committed to providing at least one meal each month.  Our hope is to have a schedule of meals sent home at the beginning of each month indicating the dates of the meals and the deadlines to order each.
  • All meals will be available to order using School Cash.
  • Chocolate and white milk will continue to be available each day at noon.  $20 Milk Cards can be purchased using your School Cash account.  You will be notified by School Cash when your child’s milk card is nearly full.
  • We would gladly welcome any meal suggestions!  If you have any great ideas for meals that are kid friendly, nutritious, economical, and can be prepared ahead of time, please let us know!
  • If you would be interested in helping out with the preparation of a monthly meal, we would love to hear from you.