Principal’s Update- April 29

Good morning, Avonlea families!


Over the last week, you are aware that Covid-19 cases have entered our community.  I know that there is some daily uncertainty, and this can be quite stressful.  I want all of our school families to know that cases in our community are taken quite seriously at the school.


As per earlier communications, our school protocols for sanitation and student safety align with the PSSD directives with the recommendations from the Saskatchewan Health Authority.  We have a meticulous tracking system in our building for movement in between classes and common spaces like the library.  If a case enters our building, we will know who and when there has been contact.  We have been fortunate that neither a case has entered nor affected students in our building.  If a case enters the building, we work directly with the division and the SHA.  The SHA directs us in everything once a positive case is identified.  Rest assure that any affected families will be notified.


Because of our community and families are doing their part, we have been able to keep our students safe.  Again, this is a stressful time for everyone.  We need to continue to do what we have been doing to keep everyone safe.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.  We are all in this together.



Candice Krawetz B.Ed; B.A.; M.Ed


Avonlea School