2021-2022 CES School Staff

Kindergarten: Ms. Chelsea Peters in the mornings and Mrs. Jeanine Beaudry in the afternoons

Grade 1/2: Mrs. Andrea Walker; welcome to Intern – Shaun Wall

Grade 2/3:  Miss Ashley Young

Grade 3/4: Mrs. Cindy Smith; welcome to Intern – Ali Ayars

Grade 4/5: Ms. Crystal Gray

Grade 5/6: Miss Emma Teneycke

Grade 7/8: Mr. Daniel Odendaal

Student Support Teachers: Ms. Chelsea Peters and Mrs. Lisa Galbraith

Physical Education: Mr. Brandon Loveridge

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Carol Eby

Head Facility Operator: Mr. Kam Gehlen

Educational Assistants: Mrs. Faith Olmstead, Mrs. Lisa Haley, Mrs. Laura Stigall, and welcome to new staff – Michelle Stevenson

Principal: Ms. Joyleen Podgursky with new principal for 2022 TBD


Farewell to Kirsty Abbott, Raeleen Tenaschuk and Lori Isaac, three EA’s who have been a huge benefit to us at CES this past year!  Best wishes in whatever is ahead for you next year!