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Scholastic Book Fair A Huge Success!

Our Scholastic Book Fair was a huge success!


Total sales were: $4695.76

This will allow us to put many new books in our library!

 Thank you for your generous participation!


There are many people we need to thank for making this event so successful.

 -Teachers rearranged schedules to help things run smoothly.

 -A group of VOLUNTEERS handled sales during the fair.

(Jaylin Klassen, Natalie Mullan, Rachelle Robitaille,

Kelly Hinderager, Alora deJager, Amanda Sowden,

 Lisa Galbraith and Lori Isaac.)

 -Our principal, Mrs. Neufeld, kindly gave teachers a

generous budget to choose books for their classroom


 -Our wonderful Mrs. Eby made sure that the final

details of the event were all in order.


A great team effort!  Thank you everyone!

Mrs. Olmstead