About Central Collegiate Institute

Central Collegiate is a high school in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. It has approximately 815 students and 65 staff and is currently one of the oldest operating public schools in Saskatchewan. Central originally opened its doors in 1910.

Central is a progressive and diverse school. It offers a wide variety of courses in various disciplines: business, technology, fine arts, math, sciences, applied arts, wellness, humanities, and languages. There is also an English as a second language program for many Moose Jaw residents.

Extra-Curricular Programs

Central Collegiate Institute offers many extra-curricular programs, and we pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive and safe environment for all.  Be part of the winning team!

Central Collegiate Football


Coach: Mr. Colin Belsher


Mr. Cal Carter
Mrs. Michelle Wicker
Ms. Cailen Stewart
Mrs. Rikell Cooper

Central Collegiate Volleyball
Central Collegiate Basketball


Mr. Ryan Boughen
Ms. Tianna Adams
Mr. Chris Brennan
Ms. Callen Stewart

Meet our Staff