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There are many scholarships available to you today, and a wide variety of criteria used to select the successful students.


As a Prairie South student, you are privileged to have access to a number of scholarship opportunities available only to students in our communities and/or division. These were made possible through the generosity of community members over the years.

Scholarships and Loans – Prairie South School Division #210




Please visit the link below to see our school divisions student scholarship opportunities. Scholarships without check marks can be applied for by speaking to your Guidance Counsellor or Principal.  Scholarships with check marks can be applied for online.

Scholarships – Prairie South School Division #210





Our local and surrounding area scholarship forms are yearly updated (typically starting in January of the current year). Please speak with your school principal if you need an updated/current scholarship form to which one has not already been provided on this website.


(1) Access Communications Scholarship [UPDATED 2023]

This scholarship is based on community involvement and academics. The student must be a Saskatchewan resident and planning on attending a post secondary education.

Due Date: March 17, 2023

Access Communications


(2) Kelsey Wrolson Memorial Scholarship [UPDATED 2023]

This scholarship, of $500 is awarded to a graduating student who is persuing post secondary education of any kind. One student will receive the award from a random draw.

Due Date: April 15, 2023



(3) Hart Butte Scholarship [UPDATED 2023]

This Scholarship will be awarded to every graduating student who is persuing secondary education of any kind.

Due Date: April 15, 2023



(4)  Coronach School Community Council Participation Scholarship [UPDATED 2023]

Due Date: April 15, 2023

Coronach School Community Council Scholarship


 (5) Claude Rousseau Bursary [UPDATED 2023]

$200 Bursary to the student with the highest average who is planning to enter the trades program in the year that it is presented. The student must complete at least one year at that trade course.

Due Date: April 15, 2023

Claude Rousseau Bursary


(6) Southland Co-op Ltd. Scholarship [UPDATED 2022]

Awarded to a graduate who has demonstrated the greatest degree of personal effort and initiative in attaining their Grade 12 standing. Special considerations will be given to the applicant who has demonstrated leadership and community involvement during their tenure at Coronach School.

Due Date: April 30, 2023

Southland CO-OP Scholarship Application


(7) Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited. Bursary [UPDATED 2021]

This scholarship of $400 is open to students entering the field of agriculture.  Veterinary Medicine is an acceptable field.

Due Date: Application must be completed in full by the ECS (Estevan Comprehensive School) deadline. Please inquire at 306-842-7436 or email at

Parrish and Heimbecker Bursary


(8) Conexus [UPDATED 2020]

View requirements and application information online:


9) CUPE5512 Scholarship [UPDATED 2023]

Any graduating student whose parent belongs to CUPE Local #5506 or belongs to the CUPE Local #5506 themselves and are in good standing. The student must be attending post secondary education and have acceptable academic standing.

Due Date: April 30, 2023

2022 – 2023 C.U.P.E. Local 5512 Scholarship Application Form


10) SARM Scholarship [Updated 2021]

The scholarship is in the amount of $1500 and is given to a Garde 12 student who is going into a career in agricultural safety and/or rural health.

Due Date: January 15, 2021

2020-2021 SARM Scholarship

Scholarship Application Form


11) The Catholic Women’s League [UPDATED 2023]

A scholarship in the amount of $100 given to the student with the third highest average in Grade 12 at the term 3 reporting period. The reason for choosing the 3rd highest is that the majority of the awards are received by the first and second highest average students. This way they may help a student who is furthering their education.


12) Student Representative Council (SRC) Scholarship [UPDATED 2023]

A scholarship in the amount of $150 given to the student with the second highest average in Grade 12 at the term 3 reporting period.


13) Kinsmen Scholarship – [UPDATED 2023]

The scholarship in the amount of $200 is given to the Grade 12 student with the highest average as calculated at the term 3 reporting period.


14) The Station Spin Studio Scholarship – [UPDATED 2021]

The scholarship in the amount of $250 for any student entering a post secondary education program.

Spin Studio Scholarship-Application


15) Jack Moore Memorial Scholarship Burgess Bursary  [UPDATED 2021]

Saskatchewan Command is offering 10 Scholarships and 10 Bursaries of $500 each.

Due Date: August 15, 2021

Jack Moore Memorial Scholarship and Burgess Bursary


16) The Royal Canadian Legion Willow Bunch [UPDATED 2021]

The Royal Canadian Legion, Willow Bunch Branch #287, is offering 1 Scholarship of $500.

Due Date: August 16, 2021

Willow Bunch Legion


17) Storwell Bursary [UPDATED 2021]

Storwell offers an annual bursary of $2,000 to support and foster students as they pursue their post-secondary education and to help them as they progress into a new and exciting stage of their lives.

Due Date: December 31, 2021

Storwell Bursary 2021

18) Matthewson & Co’s Bursary [NEW – Updated 2023]

Matthewson & Co’s Bursary Program is open for applications, and the residents of Coronach community are eligible to apply for a $500 bursary toward their post-secondary education.

Due Date: June 16, 2023