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Meet our Staff

Mrs. M. Fortin
President - School Community Council
Mrs. A. Harper
Pre-Kindergarten (On Maternity Leave)
Miss J. Breitkruez
Mrs. E. Topp
Mrs. S. Lewis
Grade 1
Mrs. K. Robinson
Grade 1
Mrs. P. Veroba
Literacy Support
Mrs. S. Taylor
Student Support Teacher
Mrs. R. Schmidt
Grade 2
Miss A. Young
Grade 2/3
Ms. J. Brown
Grade 3
Miss N. Patsack
Student Support
Miss E. Knight
Grade 4/5
Mrs. R. Singleton
Grade 4/5 (On Maternity Leave)
Mrs. C. Legare
Grade 4/5
Mrs. D. Taylor-French
Grade 5
Mr. T. Boyle
Grade 6
Mr. S. Krukoff
Grade 7/8
Mrs. C. Gadd
Grade 7/8 (On Maternity Leave)
Mrs. M. Campbell
Grade 7/8
Mrs. K. Gray
Grade 8
Mrs. C. Adams
Music / Band
Mr. M. Hunt
Physical Education
Mrs. K. Alexanderson
Student Support Teacher
Mrs. P. Elliott
Student Support Teacher
Mrs. L. Baker
Student Support Teacher
Mrs. T. Dombowsky
Speech and Language Pathologist
Mrs. T. Ahadi
Educational Assistant
Mrs. H. Baker
Educational Assistant
Mrs. S. Flegel
Library Associate
Miss M. McCartney
Mrs. S. Miller
Educational Assistant
Mrs. V. Morhart
Miss F. Morrison
Mrs. C. Phillips
EA (Early Learning Intensive Support)
Mrs. D. Rawlyk
Mrs. K. Strong
Miss S. Stuerzl
Miss M. Vance
Educational Assistant
Mrs. M. Watson
Mrs. A. Warness
Mr. M. Couperthwaite
Head Facility Operator
Mr. T. Staite
Facility Operator