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Grade 9 Registration Information

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Grade 9 Registration Information

Parents: Since it is unlikely we get a chance to meet you in person this year to answer any of your questions about high school, please email or call us anytime! The transition to high school is an important one and we want you to be fully informed and at ease through the process.

Principal:  Tana Arnott


Phone: 306-693-4626


Vice Principal : Brad Raes


Phone: 306-693-4626

Guidance Counselor: Kara Rigden


Phone: 306-693-4626

Getting Registered

If you are currently attending a Prairie South elementary school you can return your completed course selection form to your classroom teacher:

Prairie South Grade 9 Course Selections 2022 – 2023

If you are a student in another school division or community you can register entirely online through the Prairie South Student Registration Page: 

Grade 9 Course Descriptions 2022-2023


The Language Arts course is taken over two semesters. Different content is covered in each semester and there is a short review of literature and composition essentials at the beginning of each semester. The course is based on themes and combines the study of literature with composition skills, listening skills and speaking components. ELA 90 is a 200 hour class over two semesters.


Mathematics classes meet every day for both semesters. Course topics include the systems of numbers, powers, polynomials, equations, inequalities, problem solving, co-ordinate geometry, similarity and transformations, circles, surface area, data management, and probability. Topics covered are preparatory to both Math 10 Pre-Calculus and Foundations and Math 10 Workplace and Apprenticeship. Math 90 is a 200 hour class over two semesters.


The goal of the Science 90 course is to develop scientific literacy and to help students better understand the world in which they live. Students will use a new Saskatchewan based text to study the following course topics: Measurement, Life Science-genetics, Mitosis, Meiosis, Reproduction, Chemistry, Electricity and Space. Science 90 is a 100 hour class over one semester.


Students will explore worldviews of past societies and connections between the past and the present. Students will consider how worldviews are shaped and how they are expressed by people living in particular times and places. They will examine issues related to contact between societies with differing worldviews. Through this inquiry into past societies, students will reflect upon their own worldviews, assess the influences of the past on the present, and further develop their historical consciousness. Social Studies 90 is a 100 hour class delivered in one semester.


A major theme of this class is personal fitness and well-being. This 100 hour class may be separated by gender (all male class & all female class) and may be offered in one semester or for the full year (every second day) depending on the school.


This course combines health education and career guidance. Emphasis will be on developing healthy habits and sound decision making. Students will also have opportunities to practice leadership and volunteerism.


Students develop self-awareness, career exploration, and educational planning skills in this course. In addition, the course will assist students in expanding their awareness of potential careers and, in turn, relate their educational choices to the future requirements of school and the world of work.


New: Aviation & STEM 90

Are you passionate about science, or aviation, and technology? This elective is a great option for you to learn more about robotics, programming, and science research and will give you an introduction to the other types of science curriculum you will study in grades 10, 11, and 12. Students will participate in a robotics competition, science fair, and other cross curriculum studies. The course is only 50 hours long and is considered an elective for students who are excited about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students in this class will also be able to participate in the aviation studies classroom and do some hands on experiences with an airplane.

New: Agriculture Studies

This elective is catered towards students interested in Agriculture. This is an exciting opportunity to learn about all facets of Agriculture; from Livestock and Herd Management to Crop Sciences and also exploring Career opportunities in Agriculture. This course is classroom based but will allow students to talk with industry professionals in the Moose Jaw Area. We hope to supplement this learning by doing site visits, but this will be dependent on many factors. Previous experience in agriculture is not needed as this course is a broad look at agriculture and is designed for students to learn about one of Saskatchewan’s largest economic opportunities. 


Band 90

This course gives the student the opportunity to perform in a Concert Band setting. Three areas will be emphasized: the development of the individual’s playing and reading skills, techniques of group playing (intonation, breathing, phrasing) and the exploration of a wide variety of band literature and public performance. Students in Band 90 also have the opportunity to participate in Jazz Band. Students should have previous band experience or permission from the band director to enroll. (100 hours)

Choral 90

This course is a performance based class. No previous musical training or singing experience is necessary. Emphasis is placed on vocal production, musical elements and some basic theory knowledge. Students will be active in developing valuable life long skills. Participation is required in festivals and school concerts. (100 hours)

Visual Art 90

The Grade 9 visual arts program approaches the subject through the three art components: cultural/historical, creative/productive, and critical/responsive. The emphasis is on the creative processes and explores a variety of art techniques including drawing and painting. (50 hours)

Dance 90

The program gives students a basic understanding of dance as they learn specific dances and dance techniques, respond critically to dances seen as an audience, and create their own dances for personal expression. Through the three components of the program, students are encouraged to explore, reflect on, and learn about dance. (50 hours)

Drama 90

Drama is an introductory class which includes basic movement, improvisation, speech and the fundamentals of plays. A major focus of Drama 90 is to enhance self-confidence and help in the transition from elementary to high school. (50 hours)

Guitar 90

Students will be introduced to the basics of guitar. Each student will have the opportunity to learn basic music reading skills and how to play basic chords and melodies. Students who already have some skills will be able to develop their skills further through directed studies as long as they meet the basic requirements of the class. (25 hours)

Photography 90

This course is an introduction to basic digital photography. Students will learn how to critique, analyze, stage, shoot, and edit digital photographs. The elements of design will be studied as they relate to photography. For students who may wish to take further photography classes in grade 10 and 11 should consider this class option.

Musical Theatre 90

Interested in learning more about being a performer on stage and begin part of the Peacock musical? This is the course for you! Gain experience in working on a musical production and introducing you to the dramatic arts. Students may also get a chance to learn about the work behind the musical production in lights, sound, and set construction.  (100 hours).


Clothing & Quilting 90

This course introduces basic sewing and quilting skills to students. Students do hands on activities by learning how to use sewing machines to complete several projects: small introduction projects, Pajama Pants and a Raggy Quilt. These projects are designed to give students a good working knowledge of sewing to build their creative and artistic side. They will have to purchase supplies for these projects.

Daily Announcements

Foods 90

Foods 90 increases kitchen knowledge, explores essential understanding of nutrients and builds culinary skills. Hands-on cooking labs will increase a student’s knowledge of baking and cooking. Learning outcomes includes: Kitchen Safety, Tools and Equipment, Canada Food Guide, Health Snacks, and Basic Baking.   The students will be baking and cooking recipes like: Italian Bread Wedges, Taco Salad, Chocolate Chop Cookies, Tie Dye cupcakes and more. 

Construction & Woods 90

This is an introductory course in wood technology. Students will design, plan and complete a woodworking project from beginning to end. Each level builds on the previous work and includes five areas of study: wood as a material, planning and designing a project, joinery techniques, tool and machine use, surface preparation and finishing. 

Pre-Engineering 90/ Au

The student will be introduced to the basics of design study and engineering. Through hands on activities, students will have fun being creative and find solutions while working through the design process. For example, students will design, construct, and test a large scale plastic straw bridge.  Students will also be introduced to computer aided drafting (AutoCAD).

Electronics & Robotics 90

A fun-filled and informative class about the basics of electronics. Students will learn to design, build, and troubleshoot electrical circuits. Students will also learn to design, assemble, program, and compete using a small robot. Students learn basic electrical circuits and programming and work to program robots to perform specific challenges.  If you are interested in electronics and circuitry, or how things work, this is a great introduction to an interesting field. 

Mechanics 90

This course is an introduction to basic mechanical work. Shop safety, hand and power tool knowledge is learned. Vehicle maintenance, care, and parts identification is covered.

Welding 90

This is an introduction to welding. The students will cover shop safety, basic hand tools, oxy-acetylene welding and electric arc welding. Each student will then build a small project to take home. This class is not a prerequisite to take Welding 10.

Entrepreneurship 90

This class introduces students to entrepreneurship and its importance to individuals and communities. Students will examine our own community and other Canadian entrepreneurial ventures to determine if entrepreneurship is for them. While studying the characteristics of what makes a good entrepreneurial venture, what makes a successful entrepreneur, and how opportunities may develop, students will examine their own personal skills and consider ways of developing and applying them in the near and long-term future. 

Video Production 90

This class introduces students to writing, recording, and editing short digital videos.  If you think you might want to study video production in grade 10-12 this class is for you!

Autobody 90

This class gives you some hands on experience with automotive repairs. Students learn to create their own metal license plate and basic painting techniques. 

Leadership 90

This is a class about becoming the best you can be! Learn about how you lead and work with others and get some direct experience creating school and classroom events.

Digital Photography 90

This is an introduction to digital photography. Students can use their own device or use one of the schools as you learn the fundamentals of lighting and creating amazing photos for sharing on social media or for person use.